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As you are probably aware no computer system can ever be totally secure from attacks designed to tap into your personal data due to the persistent and considerable risk posed by hackers. We do our best to establish and maintain the best defences against these attacks that are available.

As part of our ongoing work in protecting your data we have decided to move away from sending important documents to you via normal email services. Instead we will commence using a Client Portal to send you important documents including:

• Financial Accounts
• Income Tax Returns
• Notices of Assessment
• Other Confidential documents.

The Key Features of the Client Portal are as follows:-


The portal service we are using features state of the art security encryption that will substantially reduce the risk to your data.

Once Only Registration

To use the client portal you will have to follow a prompt in an email we send you, the prompt will ask you to enter your email address and a password, once this is done Virtual Cabinets will send you a verification email for that device, you are then able to access any documents we send you. If you change devices or want to register more (phone/tablet) all you need do is go through the same process again using the same email and password

Electronic Signatures

As we are going down this path we have also decided to move to electronic signing of documents so that the process is also more efficient from your perspective. Once you have established an account on the portal you will be able to electronically sign any document requiring your signature with a mouse click and you will not need to send any paper documents back to us. Electronic signatures are accepted by the ATO and other authorities as legitimate signatures, the process also time stamps the signature so that there is no necessity to input dates.

Unique Email Addresses

The downside to this process is that each client or signatory will be required to register with a separate email address, documents requiring two separate signatories will be sent to each party separately. Either or both parents can sign for children under 18.

Downloading Documents

Once the return is signed it will automatically be returned to us for lodgement. The return will then remain available to you through the portal for a period of up to 30 Days during which you can download it at any time. Should you need a copy after the document has been retracted we will resend it the same way.


You will be notified when a document is available or when a signature is required by ordinary email however the document being sent will only be able to be accessed on a verified device by logging into the portal.